Molo Market
"Building a Better Humanity"

Molo Market is a South African community and business platform.

It was founded in June 2018 by Jethro Burnett Thorburn.

Our Mission

We’re creating long-lasting community-based solutions to environmental, social, and economic problems in South Africa (and the world at large).

Our Vision

We envision a community where people minimize the amount of  violence and harm we inflict on other people and the planet.

Our Values

Our community upholds the values of peace, love, tolerance, courage, self-realisation, diversity, inclusivity, and the will to do good.

The Content Hub

The Content Hub is a place where people can explore and create life-changing multi-media content (articles, videos, podcasts, images, etc.).

Our content helps people to improve their lives in a holistic manner by engaging engage with topics relating to mental health, relationships, food, exercise, spirituality, having fun, relaxation, travel, society, finances, gardening, business, and many more.

Our content is free to access so as many people as possible can benefit.

The Market & Our Business Platform

The Business Platform assists our community members with starting or growing a business in South Africa. We assist with the development of skills, knowledge, experience, and business resilience.

The Market is where we facilitate the buying and selling of local, sustainable, and ethical products / services. Our Business Platform members are the suppliers in the Market.

Ultimately, we seek to offer a powerful alternative to the mega-companies which generate profits by exploiting people and the planet.

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